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ERWC - Eagle Mine Ltd. (EML) was formed to accept a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from the Environmental Protection Agency. The grant to provide public information regarding the Eagle Mine Superfund Site was initially sought by the Eagle River Watershed Council. Due to EPA rules regarding Technical Assistance Grants, it became necessary to form a separate non-profit corporation from the Eagle River Watershed Council. EML is that separate nonprofit corporation.

The mission of EML is to:

  • Develop technical information about the Eagle Mine Site and the Water Quality of the Eagle River into a format more readily accessible to the people of Eagle County and the State of Colorado

  • Present that information in public meetings and through this website

  • Facilitate public input in decisions being made by State and Federal agencies in cooperation with local governmental entities.

Mining in the Gilman area began in the 1870's, and continued until 1979. In 1984, the Eagle Mine was designated as a Superfund Site.

ERWC - Eagle Mine Ltd. hopes that this website provides access to useful information and encourages people to become involved in issues involving our Eagle River.

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